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What is Cancer Insurance ?

Your first priority should be to purchase health insurance that provides comprehensive coverage for most health related expenses regardless of the kind of illness or injury involved. Then, if you want and can afford to buy cancer insurance, you should take a close look at the policies available.

Hopefully if you or a loved one has Cancer & or a Critical Illness your health insurance will pay the doctors and hospital bills. When we face serious life threatening health conditions like cancer , heart attack and stroke there are many other financial issues we and our families will have to contend with that a Lump Sum Cancer or Critical illness insurance policy can help by : (just a few examples)

  1. Replacing lost income while you or your family member is off work
  2. Keeping up with ongoing expenses like mortgage payments, groceries and utility bills
  3. Paying Health insurance cop-pays and deductibles
  4. Hiring Home Care or Childcare Services
  5. Travel expenses to receive treatment

First Diagnosis or First Occurrence Cancer Policy - This type of policy pays a lump sum upon the first diagnosis of cancer. The benefit under the policy may be any amount, for example $2,000, to $100,000. These policies cannot deny a claim due to pre-existing conditions if the cancer is diagnosed after the effective date and applicable waiting period. However, they may contain a waiting period longer than the thirty days common with traditional cancer policies. Read the policy carefully to fully understand the benefit. The policy may also be combined with a traditional cancer policy that pays other benefits.

First Diagnosis Critical Illness Policy - This type of policy is similar to the First Diagnosis or First Occurrence Cancer Policy except that it includes coverage for other illnesses as specified in the policy. Examples of critical illnesses may be heart attack, stroke, cancer or Alzheimer's disease. Once again, the policy pays a lump sum benefit upon initial diagnosis of the illness.

The traditional types of cancer and critical illness policies pay out for services and treatment throughout the course of treatment and and may also have a smaller lump sum benefit built into the policy.

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