Why Plan G Is The Best Option.



The premium for a Medigap Plan F is always higher than the price of a plan G. The Only difference between plan F and G is the much lower cost of the plan G and that you are required to pay the $183 Medicare deductible.

If you compare the costs of plan F’s and Plan G’s,  even after you have paid the annual Medicare deductible when owning a plan G, you will have exactly the same benefits as a Plan F because of the much lower premium you will save as much as several hundred dollars a year.

If Plan G Is Not Within Your Budget

Plan N is a good low-cost option for people, especially those coming off Med Advantage plans, who would like the benefits of a Medicare supplement at a lower monthly premium. Plan N Has $20 Part B and $50 emergency room visit co-pays and you must also pay you Medicare Deductible $183.

If you do not go to the doctors very often and you are in good health  Plan N would be the best option for you.

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